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Not a Good Sign

Went out the other day on the four wheeler to check on the goats and the pastures. The hawk in the tree didn't cause much concern as I stopped to get a neat picture. As I crossed the creek I noticed buzzard like birds circling above. Not a good sign. They perched on a dead tree as I looked for what might attract the scavengers, hoping it wasn't one of our goats. It didn't take long to detect a dead smell which led me to a carcass. Fortunately the decaying carcass was a neighbor's cow and not a goat! The dead cow was just outside our fence line and I found where the Livestock Guardian Dogs climbed through the fence to dine on the "dog delicacy." The goats are well but the pastures are drying up as fall is finally upon us. Over a week of 100 degree temperatures took its toll on the grasses. Thankfully, we have had cooler temperatures and 6 tenths of an inch of rain this week. This is my favorite time of year.

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