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About DMG

Dosson Meat Goats is a family goat ranch operated by Devon and Jenny Dosson. 

The goat adventure began in 2014 when a friend from church gave Jenny a milk

goat.  (Devon joked at the time if he was truly a "friend"). After running a few cows

on creek bottom land,  goats were purchased to better utilize the land available. The cows were sold and the herd of meat goats steadily increased.

Not having grown up around beef cattle, Jenny found the goats much easier to manage than the cows.  This allows more flexibility for Devon as he also pastors Faith Baptist Church in Lodge Grass.

The brushy creek bottom was pretty much "wasted" on the cows.  However, it is a delight to watch the goats head into the brush and do an amazing job of clearing the undergrowth.

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