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New Feeding Tool

Six months ago we bought a skid steer. The skid steer is a major upgrade from the 1979 Allis Chalmers tractor! We recently purchased a hydraulic bale spinner attachment for the skid steer. We love it! The price of hay caused us to feed the goats differently than we used to. For many years we made feeders out of modified cattle panels. These feeders worked somewhat. Goats are notorious hay wasters and the feeders did not prevent waste. As hay increased in price we determined to flake the hay using a bale spear and pitch fork feeding 1/3 of a bale everyday. The "flaker" got a workout! Chores always needed two people - a driver and a flaker. Our new bale spinner allows one person to do chores alone!! In future blogs I will share about items purchased that are must haves and other purchases that did not work for the goats.

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