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We finished all the DNA sampling and registrations needed for the DNA Certified Herd distinction among Savanna Goat Breeders. DNA testing continues to grow in most livestock and breed associations, including goats. We registered our Savanna goats, the percentage to full-bloods, but recently saw the benefit of DNA certification to insure accurate pedigrees. The DNA testing done by UC Davis Laboratories does not prove the percentage of the the breed, or what breed your goat is. The DNA based parentage test uses microsatellite marker analysis to compare the DNA samples of an offspring to the samples or profiles of possible parents. This type of testing can only reveal if the goat in question is the offspring of one or two specific parents. We went ahead and DNA'd all our percentage goats to have accurate Sire information. DNA certification gives such a piece of mind. Fence line breeding, mixed up kids at birth, bucks getting into the does unexpectedly sure can mess up the most well laid plans. Our desire is to have the DNA analysis in hand for any animal we sell with papers. Not all animals will make the cut to justify the extra cost of DNA analysis or registration. Those animals either sell as commercial breeding stock or go to market.

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It has been a rainy spring and early summer. I don't think I have ever seen the surrounding hills so green. The goats are doing well, kidding is all finished. 216% kid crop this year! So thrilled


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