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A New Year Begins!

Happy New Year! The last of the 2022 wethers went to market January 15. Approximately 70 head less to feed! The goats gave us a 5 day reprieve as our first 2023 kids hit the ground on January 20th! 15 first time does bred to one of our Boer bucks kidded in 9 days! 28 kids later and 10 night checks we have a break until the third week in April. The Savanna does and even the Savanna percentage does impressed us once again. The mothering instinct comes through on these girls. The kids show strength as well. Up and looking for milk even before the does gets them all cleaned. No babying

the kids trying to get them to suck. So many of our pure Boer does and kids really needed help those first hours. Not so with the Savannas. Strong and hardy the kids and does survived 24 below zero with a heated hut for the kids. Winter kidding has its challenges when the temperatures drop so drastically. A quickly built warming hut with heat lamps provided a little warmth during that cold spell. Thankful for this first batch of kids that we can offer as commercial crosses to help improve herds with some Savanna breeding.

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